Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hello! But why?

This is my first attempt at blogging. If it is as successful as my attempts at keeping a diary then it will fail within a very short time. I tend towards the morose, grumpy without the fun. I can find fault with anything.

The purpose of my blog is to moan. The first few entries will probably be about blogging software, as I get use to its quirks. Why, for example, is the editor presented to me able to check my spelling but unable to recognise that the word blog has arrived to our language?

Blogging software is designed to allow us to express ourselves. It appears to do a reasonable job. I am not too sure that the expression of design is quite as simple as the expression of words. I guess that I need practice, I do moan but am willing to accept my own inadequacies. You are at the brunt of those practices.

I have many interests but most of my time (off the golf course at least) is spent attempting to get computers to help me in my activities. This will probably be the main content of the blog. I will not restrict myself to these activities and will use this platform to shout about anything I want.

I do not expect you to enjoy this page. I certainly would be affronted if you thought I wrote this blog for anyone other than myself. If you want to make comments that I am happy enough for you to leave them. Just understand that like myself once you do this you will be opening yourself up to receive a small portion of the abuse I get.

Please enjoy this page for what it is. A rant.

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